Able Research Technology (AR Tech) could potentially herald a NEW ERA in Quantitative Trading.


DEC 26 , 2023

Prague, Czech Republic – Able Research Technology(AR Tech), after 4 months of continuous research and development investment, has launched a major upgrade for its AI and blockchain technology-based quantitative trading product, SRT. This upgrade not only enhances reliability and stability but also significantly improves trading computing power, providing investors and traders with more efficient, innovative, and reliable solutions. This product upgrade by Able Research Technology(AR Tech) could potentially herald a new era in quantitative trading.

Able Research Technology(AR Tech) leads technological innovation in quantitative trading:

As a frontier in modern securities investment, Able Research Technology(AR Tech) is committed to leveraging AI and blockchain technology to extract “high-probability” events from vast historical data, thus formulating more precise and sustainable trading strategies to embrace the technological revolution in the financial field.

Able Research Technology(AR Tech) emphasizes technology and data-driven intelligent decision-making:

Able Research Technology (AR Tech) recognizes the crucial role of technology and data in quantitative trading. Similar to pilots checking various indicators of an aircraft before takeoff, quantitative traders utilize historical data and mathematical models to develop strategies. Able Research Technology (AR Tech) believes that this data and algorithm-based approach can enable traders to make more rational and accurate decisions, freeing them from emotional fluctuations.

Able Research Technology(AR Tech)’s groundbreaking algorithm leads the way to the future:

Able Research Technology(AR Tech)’s research team has successfully developed an algorithm that automatically adjusts investment portfolios, flexibly allocating asset ratios based on real-time market changes to maximize investment returns. This groundbreaking algorithm is considered a milestone in improving trading efficiency and optimizing investment portfolios.

Able Research Technology(AR Tech) continuously innovates to meet market demands:

Able Research Technology(AR Tech) not only focuses on improving trading models but also looks to market demands for new technologies. The company’s research team constantly explores innovative technologies to adapt to the future development of the fintech field.

Able Research Technology(AR Tech)’s emerging technologies drive the financial trend:

The company acknowledges that emerging technologies such as blockchain are profoundly changing people’s lifestyles and investment perspectives. One of Able Research Technology (AR Tech)’s missions is to provide the public with smarter and more convenient fintech solutions within this transformative trend.

Able Research Technology(AR Tech)’s future outlook:

SRT developed by Able Research Technology(Able Research Technology(AR Tech)) has achieved excellent trading results internationally. Able Research Technology(Able Research Technology(AR Tech)) states that they will continuously innovate artificial intelligence trading technology across multiple financial products, aiming to bring more value to users who trust in their technology.

Looking ahead, Able Research Technology(AR Tech) is poised to establish a more transparent and secure trading platform through blockchain technology. This platform will provide investors with a more reliable trading environment, ensuring the security and efficiency of transactions through technologies like smart contracts. This initiative will bring about new innovations in the financial industry and drive the entire sector towards a smarter and more innovative future.

Able Research Technology(AR Tech)’s integration plan is regarded as a transformative force in the fintech field, opening up a new era of technology for investors and leading the future trends of quantitative trading.